Defeat for Vardar at Tatran in the first round of the SEHA league

Photo: RK Vardar

The handball players of Vardar started the new season in the SEHA league with a defeat, Tatran Preshov celebrated a victory at home 27:23.

After the good start of the meeting, the red-blacks gave way in the continuation and allowed the home team to have a difference which they maintained throughout the match. The chosen ones approached Nedanovski at the very finish and at "minus one", however, more Vardar players could not.

At the break, Tatran had a 14:11 advantage, after consistently leading by two or three goals after the initial 3:3. In the second period, Vardar had a bad period in which Tatran came to 21:16.

Vardar returned in the finish to a decent deficit, however Lopez with the goal from the seven and Rebek solved the dilemmas about the winner. Taleski with eight goals he was the first scorer in Vardar, while Rebeck he scored ten goals at Tatran.

In the next round, Vardar will host the Serbian vice-champion Partizan.

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