Former president Sandro Rosell reveals why Guardiola left Barcelona

Sandro Rosell was president of Barcelona for four years/photo: EPA/Albert Olive

The former president of Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, in an interview with "El Periodico", denounced the rumors that Pep Guardiola left the Catalan team due to a conflict with the administration, that is, with him as the then president of the biggest Catalan club.

According to Rosell, the real reason for Guardiola's departure from Barcelona is his conflict with the players. Guardiola left at the end of the 2012 season under unclear circumstances. Guardiola then declared that he was tired and needed rest, but the media speculated that in fact the current coach of Manchester City has a bad relationship with the management, especially with the first people of Barcelona, ​​President Rosell and then Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu.

But as time passed, rumors began to spread that in fact the main reason was bad relations with the main stars of the teams who in the meantime became big stars and broke away from Pep's control. Now Rosell has confirmed that story.

– It is not true that we were to blame for his departure. Pep left because of an argument with the players, because of problems in the dressing room - reveals Rosel, who considers his four years in the presidential chair to be the best in the history of the club.

Under his leadership, Barcelona won two titles in La Liga and one trophy each in the Champions League, the Royal Cup, the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup.

- We were the best in everything, in trophies won, in money earned, in the legacy left, in the Foundation... These are undeniable facts. You can say, "I don't like Rosell, I can't stand him." But the objective data of my leadership was published on the official website of Barcelona. I never defended myself, but the numbers are what they are - says Rosel.

Sandro Rosell became the president of Barcelona in 2010, replacing Joan Laporta, in whose team he had been since 2003, but then they fell out and became bitter rivals.

Rosell was the first man of Barcelona for four years, and in January 2014 he had to leave because of the scandal with the transfer of Neymar as well as because of suspicions of corruption.

In 2017, he ended up in prison on charges of money laundering in the scandal surrounding the television rights of the Brazilian national team. He spent exactly 643 days behind bars, and his request for release was rejected 13 times.

After his release from prison, he described his time behind bars as the hardest trial of his life.

- At the entrance to the prison, they gave me four condoms and vaseline. Then I was very worried - said Rosel.

His supporters claim that Rosell suffered because he stole Neymar in front of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and that he paid a heavy price for it. Rosell himself claimed for a long time that the state had turned against him and that he was the victim of conspiracies.

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