The former London police officer who raped women for almost two decades has been sentenced to life in prison

Photo: skynews

David Carrick, one of the biggest sexual predators in recent British history, who worked for the London police for twenty years, was today sentenced to life in prison for dozens of rapes and sexual abuse of twelve women.

"You took advantage of the women in an appalling way, Judge Bobbi Chima-Grab said as she read out the verdict which ended the case which exacerbated the crisis of confidence at Scotland Yard, which had turned a deaf ear to warnings about their employee. - You acted as if you were untouchable" because you are a member of the police, she added.

In the defendant's section, David Carrick (48) listened to the verdict with his eyes closed and his head bowed.

He was tried for at least 85 crimes, including 48 rapes, that took place between 2003 and 2020. During that time, he was promoted to the elite police unit in the capital tasked with protecting the parliament and diplomatic missions.

"David Carrick's crimes are a stain on our police force," the Home Secretary said in a statement. Suella Braverman, paying tribute to Carrick's "brave" victims.

"There is no place in our police force for such predatory and heinous behavior," she said.

The police missed nine times the opportunity to arrest this serial rapist, who worked as a police officer for 17 years. He was arrested in October 2021 for the first case of rape, prompting other women to report him.

Hundreds of London police officers could be fired for sexual assault and domestic violence, the police chief said three weeks ago.

The message comes amid efforts by British police to restore public confidence after a London police officer admitted to being a serial rapist.

London's police force, which has been rocked by scandals in recent years, has been plunged into an even more serious crisis after police officer David Carrick, 48, admitted to committing 24 rapes during his almost two decades on the force, while his colleagues failed to react in time to stop him.

Hundreds of British police officers face dismissal over serious abuse

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