Former Playboy Bunny Claims Justin Timberlake Cheated On Cameron Diaz With Me

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The former Playboy model, Zoe Gregory (49), claims that she had an affair with the singer Justin Timberlake (43) while he was in a relationship with the actress Cameron Diaz (51)

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the beautiful blonde revealed that she met the toothy singer at the Playboy villa and approached him. Gregory claims that he initially turned her down, citing that she was in a relationship with Diaz, but that she then convinced him, telling him that Diaz was not present.

"He didn't want to come off as a coward." We pulled back, took off our clothes and started having fun," says the former Playboy model.

Photo: JOERG CARSTENSEN / AFP / Profimedia

She added that she and Timberlake "didn't have sex," but reportedly hugged and kissed.

Earlier, Gregory publicly revealed another busy man she was with, that is Alex Rodriguez. During 2019, she claimed that Rodriguez exchanged sexually explicit messages with her, just weeks before he proposed to the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez.

“He was like a dirty dog. He looked like a poor and horny guy. "If he was doing that until the moment he proposed to her, it's not really fair," Gregory told The Sun.

Hugh Hefner and Zoe Gregory
Hugh Hefner and Zoe Gregory / Photo: LUCY NICHOLSON / AFP / Profimedia

Otherwise, Timberlake does not have a clear history of love relationships. And the singer Britney Spears she accused him of cheating on her several times during their three-year relationship. The singer wrote about this in her memoir "The Woman in Me", published in October 2023. She alleged that Timberlake had cheated on her with "another famous person." There were rumors that it was Nicole Appleton of English group All Saints, as they were seen returning to his London hotel together in 2000 while he was still with Spears. Timberlake broke up with Spears via text message when he found out she had cheated on him with the choreographer Wade Robson.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears / Photo: Profimedia

The singer broke up with Cameron Diaz in 2007 and was spotted talking to Jessica Bill at the Golden Globes just weeks later. This reportedly angered Diaz, but it's unclear if Timberlake had anything to do with Bill while he was still with her.

Timberlake then dated Bill, but in 2010 it was rumored that he had cheated on her with Olivia Mann. He denied all these allegations.

Timberlake and Bill married in 2012 and have two children together.

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