The trial for the bus accident near Laskarci was postponed, the expert did not come

The trial scheduled for today about the bus accident near Laskarci has been postponed after the expert Zekiria Zekiri did not appear in the Basic Criminal Court Skopje, who through other members of the team that prepared the super expert, informed the trial council that he will not come due to health reasons.

Public Prosecutor Darko Jakimovski requested that the hearing be postponed, explaining that the concept of examination is based precisely on the testimony of the specific expert, after which the court postponed the hearing.

At the previous hearing, public prosecutor Jakimovski questioned the expert Zekiri about the circumstances determined in the machine super-expert. It is about the super expert opinion that the court ordered in December 2021 after it was rejected by the faculties of the country, with the explanation that their experts have already participated in the previous expert opinion, or are not competent for the same. The case was then sent to the Bureau of Forensic Experts formed a team of licensed experts. The super-expert report arrived at the Criminal Court in December.

By the way, the accused in the case of the accident that happened on February 13, 2019 near Laskarci, in which 16 people died and over 30 were seriously injured, are Durmish Beluli, owner of the company "Durmo Tours", Ramzi Miftari, responsible for transport in the company, and Manoil Trifunovski, bus driver. They are charged with committing serious crimes against the safety of people and property in traffic. In addition to them, the three employees of the technical inspection station, Igor Gjorgjievski, Goran Dukovski and Jane Bovarski, are charged with complicity in the same crime.

The court process for the accident that started in September 2019 is led by judge Diana Gruevska Ilievska, and the representative of the prosecution is the public prosecutor, Darko Jakimovski.

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