Due to isolation staff less and sick more and more

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15 to 20 doctors, nurses and paramedics are on sick leave or in isolation at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje, and in the hospital in Stip. Referral for laboratory blood analysis or PCR test at the expense of the Health Insurance Fund is waited for 10 days.

Much of medical workers are on sick leave or in isolation after they were diagnosed with covid-19, which complicates the work of clinics not only in Skopje but throughout the country. Only 15 to 20 doctors, nurses or paramedics are absent from work, hence the opening of additional facilities for the treatment of coronavirus patients is not so simple, because it is impossible to establish a rotation system that compensated for the lack of staff in hospitals.

According referral for laboratory blood analysis or PCR test at the expense of the Health Insurance Fund wait for 10 days, which is illogical to wait, given that the Commission on Infectious Diseases has recommended that the isolation be shortened to seven days.

In Stip only five or six beds are free

With almost 21 thousand active cases of coronavirus in the country, these days the number of citizens who need hospitalization is growing. Hospital treatment most often needed by citizens with associated diseases, and for whom covid-19 has further aggravated the condition. Although the coronavirus omicron strain can usually be treated on an outpatient basis or at home, no one knows whether those who end up in hospital are infected with the omicron or the former delta variant of the coronavirus.

The director of the hospital in Stip, Alen Georgiev for "Free Press" says that currently 55 patients are hospitalized in Stip and there are only five or six free beds.

- 15-20 doctors, paramedics and nurses from all wards of the hospital became infected. We are dealing with the situation for now and it will especially ease the situation if the isolation is reduced to seven days, because they will be able to return to work faster. Otherwise, it is difficult, there may be an endangerment of other departments from where the medical staff must be reassigned to take care of the coyote patients. In January, we doubled the staff, but at the level of the whole hospital, 15 people fell ill. There are more than 100 examinations per day in the ambulance - says Dr. Georgiev.

And on The Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje The staff has been reduced after fifteen medical workers were isolated due to covid-19 infection. In Gevgelija there are also secondary medical staff in the hospital infected with covid-19, but the situation is resolved by rotation of the existing staff.

Doctors are guided by experience

The coronavirus ion micron strain does not recognize vaccination or predisposition. Although most health professionals have been double-vaccinated, they have become infected because this strain bypasses immunity. The therapy what is given in hospitals depends on whether the patients are for hospitalization or home treatment.

The internist Dr. Blaze Chochkov, which operates in the covid center in Gevgelija, for "Free Press" says that there are no official treatment protocols, but doctors are guided by experience and how the patient reacts.

- First of all, the family doctors assess whether the patients will be referred to the covid centers. In the case of patients with bilateral bronchopneumonia, in addition to vitamins, we provide additional antibiotic and corticosteroid therapy and if patients can find - and remedisivir. Oxygen therapy is also given to hospital patients if their saturation has dropped - explains Dr. Chochkov.

According to his experience, for now there are patients who respond well to therapy, but some who do not respond, must be referred to Skopje or private hospitals.

- There is no specific protocol. We are guided by the experience and how the patients react to the change of therapy - says the doctor who works in the Gevgelija covid center.

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