Pop Acev: For the good of all, the current pools should be maintained continuously!

winter swimming championship
A way must be found to keep the permanent pools operational all year round / Photo: Facebook / National Swimming Federation

Swimming is one of the best activities you can do to help your body. Perhaps one of the toughest, but definitely one of the healthiest sports.

There are many people who want to swim, professionally or recreationally, there is great interest in Macedonia, and at the moment there is chaos due to the non-operation of the pools and the inability to perform a normal training process. This is the assessment of the President of the National Swimming Federation Goran Stojanovski.

Our swimming marathoner and at the same time three-time champion of the FINA World Series of Ultramarathons, Evgenij Pop Acev also expressed concern about the situation with the pools and said that the necessary training conditions should be provided.

- Of course, the current pools should be continuously maintained, and not only that, Macedonia currently needs new pools. With the pools we have and running constantly are not enough for the needs of a country of two million. Swimming is a basic sport and the whole population should have the opportunity to swim - Pop Acev told us.

He says that the benefits for children and recreationists are huge, and at the moment there is really too much interest in this sport, ie the pools are full.

- As for professional athletes, without consistently good training conditions there is simply no chance to compete with swimmers from other countries. Sports and recreation are very important for the development of young people in society, and swimming pools are at its core.

No matter how much you invest, the end result will always be great. Therefore, a way must be found for the existing pools to remain in operation throughout the year, but also to increase their capacity for the benefit of all of us - are the words of Pop Acev.

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