Putin's aide: We are actively developing relations with North Korea

The aide to the Russian president, Yuriy Ushakov/Yegor Aleyev/TASS Photo Agency

Relations between Moscow and Pyongyang have been actively developing in recent years based on the principles of equality - said Yuriy Ushakov, assistant to the president of Russia for foreign policy.

"Relations between Russia and North Korea are friendly. They began to develop very actively in recent years, but the most important thing is that they develop based on the principles of equality, respect for sovereignty, the chosen path of development, taking into account the basic common interests," he said.

According to him, the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to North Korea would have shown Moscow's desire to conduct equal dialogue and cooperation with all countries.

"Our visit is clearly important for our bilateral relations, for their future development, but it also shows that Russia stands for equal dialogue and is open to cooperation with all countries, especially our closest neighbors, despite all the attempts of the collective West to put pressure on us," said Ushakov.

According to Ushakov, the program of Russian President Vladimir Putin's state visit to North Korea promises to be very eventful.

"On June 18-19, our president will pay a state visit to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. This will be the second visit of the Russian head of state to Pyongyang in the entire history of our relations. The program is very intensive," he added.


Russian and North Korean leaders Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un will discuss a wide range of topics.

"This includes various areas of the economy, energy, transport, agriculture, inter-regional relations, security issues, international cooperation issues, etc," he said.

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