There will be help for Syria as well, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in communication with colleagues and determining what is needed

Earthquake in Syria/ Photo EPA-EFE/REFIK TEKIN

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski announced that the country will also send aid to Syria after the devastating earthquake that affected Turkey, and for which the Government decided to send aid yesterday at an emergency session.

- Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs is already communicating with our colleagues from Syria to see what we can send there as help, what their needs are. As soon as we can identify what the needs would be, according to our capabilities, then of course Syria is also a country that will be helped by us, said Kovacevski, to a journalist's question at the joint press conference with the head of diplomacy, Bujar Osmani.

Pointing out that the Government yesterday made a decision to send financial aid to Turkey, as well as soldiers who will participate in clearing and finding people trapped in the ruins, he announced that additional professionals from the institutions in charge of crisis management will be sent. - Twenty-two soldiers are already on their way with all the necessary equipment and vehicles. And the Ministry of Health is already completing the needs that can be sent, Kovacevski said.

We, he pointed out, know best what solidarity is, and this is evidenced by a large number of streets bearing the names of the capitals of countries that helped Skopje and the entire country after the catastrophic earthquake.

With the Government's decision, 24 members of the Twentieth Army are being sent as aid to Turkey, including two service dog handlers with dogs, 10.000 blankets and 200 medical stretchers.

Skopjes donate en masse at the point in the city square for the population affected by the earthquakes

Maksuti: Rescue teams headed to the region affected by the earthquake in Turkey

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