Less sex appeal and more Gen-Z anxiety: M&M candies get a new look

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M & M's get a new look!

The chocolates are not changing, but the company is changing its marketing to position the 81-year-old brand as "more inclusive", a move that includes revising the mascot list to better reflect "today's society", the brand said in a press release.

"As the world changes, so do we," said the brand, which is one of the few under Mars Inc.


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Each of the anthropomorphized candies has been given a fresh personality and look, resembling domestic actors for a new television drama series.

The two female characters - formerly known as Ms. Green and Ms. Brown - but now relinquishing the title to decentralize gender - will unite as a "force that supports women, throwing shine, not shadow," together. says in a statement.

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They also change their shoes: Green (who was once a model for the Sports Illustrated swimwear edition) replaces her "go-go" style high-heeled boots and heels with "cool, relaxed sneakers". and Brown (the latest addition to the cast, who was portrayed as a smart, powerful type of CEO) gets lower-heeled heels because it's 2022, and most of us don't stray through the workplace with a stiletto.

"Green will now be more about self-confidence than sex," M & M's said.

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Two of the mascots will embody the emotions of the duel of modern times. Yellow, according to the brand, will be optimistic. In previous ad campaigns, Yellow has appeared as a type of narcotics for the group, often slowly grasping the phrase in almost every TV commercial - that the people in the commercials actually want to eat them.

"The 2022 version has wisdom in itself and forces us to see the world as it should be," M & M's said.

Orange, however, is the avatar of our collective concern, and its transformation has created one of the saddest lines in the marketing department that wants to connect with its audience.

"Orange is one of the most famous characters with 'Gen-Z', which is also the most upset generation."

Red, who used to look like the group's alpha candy, is apparently becoming an increasingly team player.

"Red will share the spotlight with the extra cast, allowing each character to shine like their own star," the brand said.


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M & M's also said it planned to change the overall atmosphere of its ads, which typically relied on broad, physical humor that sometimes relied on sexist metaphors, such as the one in which Red and Yellow were transported to a desert island, along with a package. scantily clad fan and sports car, apparently like the last three wishes of a shipwreck; or another in which Mrs. Green performed a striptease.

"An updated tone of voice that is more inclusive, welcoming and unifying, while remaining rooted in our distinctive wit and humorous humor," the brand promises.

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