Polish farmers protest with anti-Ukrainian and pro-Putin banners

Photo: Twitter

Anti-Ukrainian and pro-Putin banners carried by Polish farmers during protests may have been influenced by "Russian agents", the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today.

"We believe it is an attempt to establish control over the farmers' protest movement by extremist and irresponsible groups that may be influenced by Russian agents," the ministry said in a statement.

During yesterday's demonstration, farmers in Gorzycki, southern Poland, held up a banner reading: "Putin, restore order in Ukraine, Brussels and our government," waving a Soviet Union flag.

The photo of the banner spread on social networks, which caused a sharp reaction from Kiev.

Warsaw "notes with great concern the appearance of anti-Ukrainian slogans and others celebrating Vladimir Putin and the war he is waging, during the recent farmers' blockades," the Polish ministry said in a statement, stressing that such actions create "bad a picture of Poland".

The local police spokesman said today that the "flag and banner" were "confiscated". "The person driving the vehicle has been identified," the law enforcement authorities said.

Poland has been one of Ukraine's biggest supporters since the Russian invasion began in February 2022, but in recent months their relationship has soured over trade disputes.

Polish farmers started a new wave of protests yesterday, blocking about a hundred roads in the country and border points with Ukraine, dissatisfied with the "uncontrolled" import of grain from Ukraine and the European agricultural policy.

These new protests erupted just weeks after a similar blockade of the border with Ukraine by Polish truck drivers ended.

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