A Polish tourist died on Matka, rocks fell on him from a landslide

Photo: "Free Press".

A 45-year-old tourist from Poland was injured today by stones that fell on the road to Matka, after which he was immediately transferred to Skopje clinics by an ambulance, the Crisis Management Center (CMC) informs.

The Department of Operations and Coordination of CMC carried out an action to take care of the injured tourist from Poland and to take safety measures, because there was a danger of other landslides, and to clear the landslide at the site.

"CMC informed the head of PE "Streets and Roads" of the City of Skopje about their intervention to clear the field. The answer was that "Macedonia Pat" and the municipality of Saraj are responsible for that road," said the CMC.

After the communications, CMC received a response from "Macedonia Road" that according to the given coordinates, that road is not under their jurisdiction, but under the Municipality of Saraj.

Telephone contact was also made with the municipal inspector of the Municipality of Saraj, to whom the information about the responsibilities was conveyed, namely that neither the PE "Streets and Roads" nor "Macedonia Pat" have the authority to clear it and that the road is under the authority of the municipality . There were also police officers on the spot, adds the CMC.

On their part and on the part of the Municipality of Saraj, a record will be made to determine the factual situation.

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