Poland has detained nine people suspected of being Russian spies

Nine people have been arrested in Poland on suspicion of working for the Russian special services and carrying out a series of sabotage actions in the country. Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced this information to the Polish media.

- Nine suspects have been arrested and accused of directly participating in sabotage on the territory of Poland on the instructions of the Russian services, according to his statement.

The Polish Prime Minister emphasized that the case concerns several European countries - Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. The Polish Prime Minister added that such signals also come from Sweden.

- We have nine arrested suspects who are accused of directly participating in acts of sabotage in Poland on behalf of the Russian special services. It is about beating, burning and attempted arson," said the Polish Prime Minister.

Tusk added that his country is working together with neighbors and allies to counter Russian intelligence activities.

"I am very pleased with the efficiency of our services," he added.

Poland is actively working to identify and counter Russian intelligence networks in its country, as it has become a major hub and concentration point for military equipment and weapons before being transferred to Ukraine.

Last year, Poland's internal security agency conducted a major operation and detained sixteen people who were linked to Russian intelligence, collecting data on the movement of military equipment and preparing sabotage to disrupt the process.

In January of this year, the Internal Security Agency launched an investigation against the pro-Russian association "Let's Protect the Form for Future Generations" on suspicion of recruiting Polish military personnel.

The indictment against the members of the association is based on the allegation that in 2021, the organization was actively preparing in order to "take away independence, separate part of the territory or change the constitutional order of the Republic of Poland through coordinated actions of individuals."

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