Poland: It is not possible to directly engage in an armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine

Border between Poland and Ukraine / Photo EPA-EFE/Darek Delmanowicz

Poland's Defense Ministry rejected Ukraine's idea that Polish air defense systems, including the Patriot anti-missile system Poland has, could also protect western Ukraine from Russian airstrikes.

"In accordance with the current position of NATO and Poland, it is not possible to directly engage in an armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine. Covering a part of Ukraine with allied defense would require political agreements within NATO, which would certainly not be simple," the Polish Ministry of Defense answered the question of the Polish newspaper "Zheczpospolita".

Assistant Defense Minister Cesari Tomczyk told private ZET radio that Poland cannot hand over its Patriot batteries because they are deployed to protect Warsaw.

Although the Polish government does not even want to hear that it is taking steps that could mean involvement in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the citizens are in favor of Poland helping Ukraine by shooting down Russian missiles and drones from its territory, on the border.

A total of 69,3 percent of Poles in the February survey of the IBRIS agency agree that Ukraine should be helped in this way, 17,6 percent of respondents are against it, and 13,1 percent do not know how to express themselves.

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