Poland received the first "Legwan" reconnaissance vehicles from South Korea

Rosomak, a subsidiary of the Polish Armaments Group, has announced that the first batch of Legwan light reconnaissance vehicles has arrived in Poland from South Korea.

These vehicles, locally adapted versions of the KLTV light tactical vehicle, are part of a procurement initiative launched by Poland in 2023 that saw 400 Raycolt KLTVs ordered from South Korea. Most of these vehicles are planned for local production between 2024 and 2030, defense-blog reports.

These vehicles offer a variety of armament options, including mounting a 7,62mm or 12,7mm machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

As expected, these vehicles have a newly upgraded chassis tailored to the specific requirements of Polish customers.

The Kia Light Tactical Vehicle originates from South Korea's Kia Motors and was put into full production in 2016.

Designed to meet the operational needs of South Korea's armed forces, KLTV received support and funding from the Korean Ministry of National Defense during its development phase.

Currently, the Kia KLTV is in service with the armed forces of the Republic of Korea and Mali, demonstrating its versatility and reliability in a variety of operational environments.

It is used in UN peacekeeping missions in Lebanon and South Sudan by South Korea, while the armed forces of Mali are deploying it for counter-insurgency operations.

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