Poland deports a Russian man who claimed he was an FSB officer

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Poland

Poland has deported an alleged former Russian FSB officer who sought asylum in the country, accusing him of lying about his past and origins, reports "The Guardian".

Emran Navruzbekov claimed to have been a senior officer in Russia's FSB security service in the southern Dagestan region and has recently given numerous media interviews about FSB operations and alleged wrongdoing. He was handed over to Russia on Poland's land border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on Tuesday.

The move sparked outrage from one of Navruzbekov's lawyers, who said he faced the risk of prison, torture or worse back in Russia, and that the decision was surprising given that Poland is one of the most vocal critics of the Russian regime.

A spokesman for the Polish border guard confirmed that Navruzbekov was deported on Tuesday after it was determined that he "posed a threat to defence, state security or the protection of public order", adding that he had been banned from entering Poland and the Schengen zone for 10 years.

"The foreign national was deported from Poland to his country of origin, which is Russia," the border police said in a statement.

Navruzbekov fled Russia in 2017, apparently while preparing for an FSB mission to track down exiles in Turkey. After several years of living in Europe without his name being made public, last December he gave a long interview with Vladimir Osechkin, founder of the organization gulagu.net, which works intensively with deserting Russian soldiers.

The video interview, which has been viewed nearly 1 million times on YouTube, was described by Navruzbekov as a "2022 version of Litvinenko" who provided valuable information about the crimes of the Russian regime.

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