Half-season effect of the Macedonian club jersey: "Black and white" season for MZT Skopje Aerodoro

The basketball players of MZT Skopje Airport celebrate the championship title (photo KFSM)

On the one hand, "Metalci" demonstrated absolute supremacy on the home stage where they convincingly won the three titles. On the other hand, in the ABA league they experienced failure, they were relegated after only one season. Probably this result shows the difference in quality of our entire club scene compared to the regional one

The season that was "black and white" for the Macedonian basketball champion MZT Skopje Airport has passed, that is, the players of the airport demonstrated their absolute supremacy on the domestic stage, but experienced failure on the international stage, in the regional ABA league.

"Metalci" with impressive dominance reached the titles in the First League and in the Cup of Macedonia, but dropped out of the ABA League, a competition where survival was their primary goal for the season.

The contrast of our champion's domestic results to those achieved in the regional league probably shows the difference in quality of our entire domestic club scene in relation to the quality in the region. To our detriment.

The best Macedonian basketball club performed overwhelmingly in the competitions in Macedonia. Against the Macedonian competitors this season, MZT Skopje played a total of 33 matches in which they achieved 31 victories, suffered only two defeats and won three trophies (the Super Cup, the Cup of Macedonia and the Championship). The champion won the final playoff series against Pelister with a convincing 3-0.

However, MZT Skopje failed in the ABA league, which was highlighted by the club as a priority competition in the 2022/2023 season.

MZT Skopje returned to the ABA league after a four-season break, but failed to survive and next season this regional competition will again not have a representative from Macedonia.

Until the last round, airport workers fought for survival, but they did not succeed. MZT Skopje, together with Borac Čacak, had the lowest record in the regular season, i.e. they recorded 19 defeats and only seven wins. But the Macedonian club earned the last place and direct elimination, due to the lower mutual score with Chachani.

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