The full moon on August 12 will strongly affect four zodiac signs: Great challenges await you

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Four Astrological signs will be most strongly influenced by full moon – find out if the ground will shake under your feet and your plans will suddenly change.

The full moon in the sign of Aquarius will light up the sky on August 12, and the horoscope predicts that there will be powerful energy and that now we will be able to get rid of what no longer serves us in life. This is a good practice because it can open the door to a happy future, to create the life we ​​want. Now you have the opportunity to devote yourself to development in this sense.


Changes await you in the field of career and in the field of your spiritual growth. Since stability and predictability mean a lot to you, some unexpected events can throw you off track, but later you will realize that everything happened for your good. It is important to remain calm and alert, even when you are feeling a strong wave of emotions. Now is the time for a new transformation and a slightly different understanding of life.


The Super Full Moon brings you turbulence in your relationships with loved ones, as well as in general well-being and health. Misunderstandings are possible, maybe even quarrels that will upset both you and the other person. Your first instinct will be to care for the other person and reassure them of your love, but at the same time remember to listen to yourself and take care of your own needs. Be a little more careful and don't do things too hastily.


You will feel a separation between your tender, emotional side and the rational part of your personality. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and show your weaknesses, but it may be time to re-establish boundaries with those close to you. Stay true to yourself and others and follow your goals and dreams. Now is the time to change your communication with the environment. Challenges await you in your relationship with others, but everything depends on your reaction.


This full moon is in your sign, so it's not surprising that you will feel its effects more and more intensely. This is a great opportunity to take a few moments of self-reflection and think about what decisions you've made recently, how they've paid off, and what you can do differently in the future. Don't live in the past, but learn important lessons from it and thus provide yourself with room for progress.

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