Politicians like Kostadinov are not desirable in this country, Kovacevski said

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski condemned yesterday's statement by the Bulgarian MP and leader of the "Rebirth" political party, Kostadin Kostadinov, who, at the opening of the Bulgarian Cultural Center in Skopje, made a statement containing territorial claims against the Republic of North Macedonia.

- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted immediately, and the Minister of Culture also condemned it. I also want to condemn him. It is really inappropriate for a person who has come as a guest in this country to behave in such a way. Yesterday we had the act of opening a Bulgarian cultural center as it appears in Skopje with the minister of culture coming, with our minister of culture, in the same way as I said that we will also open a Macedonian cultural center in Blagoevgrad as we have opened and in Sofia, Kovacevski said during today's visit to the "Brilliant" factory in Shtip.

He added that such politicians are not at all desirable in our country.

- Politicians like him yesterday, there is another one who made videos of me, I can freely say that they are not at all desirable in our country because apart from spreading unrest, apart from spreading impatience between the citizens of the two countries only for their own political interest, because they don't have any other political agenda except to get some minor political points by provoking the feelings of our citizens, such politicians are not at all desirable for me personally in our country and they don't have to come here at all, emphasized Kovacevski.

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