Police raid in the middle of a concert in Centar, drugs found, five people arrested

Police / Photo: MIA

During 14 / 15.05.2022 by police officers from the Illicit Trade Unit at the SIA Skopje, in cooperation with police officers from the Intervention Police Unit at the SIA Skopje during a control in a building in the area of ​​Centar, where a music concert was held , five people were deprived of their liberty.

Thereby, marijuana was found at BM (45), AS (26), both from Skopje and VM (27) from the Republic of Kosovo, and a crusher with DN (23) was found. marijuana, and a powdery substance was found in M.A. (23).

The persons have been detained in a police station and after documenting the case, a complaint will be filed against them under Article 215 of the Criminal Code.
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