Police action in Greece: Organization cracked down on illegally issuing Greek passports to criminals from other countries

Greek police vehicle / Photo: MIA

For 30.000 euros per document, foreign nationals with a serious criminal record received original Greek passports or ID cards or any other document through the "services" of a criminal organization that today smashed Greek police, and has been active for at least eight years, arresting 20 people. including police officers.

According to the Greek Ministry of Civil Protection, according to the ongoing investigation, the total financial benefit received by the criminal organization is estimated at at least five million, and the police, after several months of investigation, broke the network and among the 20 arrested nine are police officers, one is employed by the Ministry of Civil Protection (which is under the jurisdiction of the police), one is employed by the registry office, one is a lawyer and eight citizens, but there are data that 34 police officers were involved.

The criminal organization, composed mainly of Greeks but also returnees from the former Soviet Union, police and other civil servants, has been active since at least April 26, 2013 and has developed a network of collaborators and "issued original Greek ID cards, Greek passports and driver's licenses." of foreign nationals with a serious criminal record. "

At the same time, they facilitated the illegal stay in Greece of foreign citizens, who had all the rights as well as Greek citizens, such as issuing a tax registration number, social security number, etc.

Using data from non-existent people

The Greek Ministry of Civil Protection says that the mode of action ("modus operandi") was hierarchically structured, with many members, complex and not at all random, and each of the members had a special role.

Issuance of ID cards and passports, mainly for foreigners, either "either by using false data of non-existent persons, or by using the data of expatriates who are permanently residing abroad and were not at all aware of the activities of the organization, or by using the data of permanent citizens, after a previous false application for loss of a previously legally issued ID card, or through the use of real identity documents, through illegal acquisition of Greek citizenship.

By using the above, the interested parties in certain cases achieved free residence and movement in the country, concealment of their possible criminal past, unimpeded departure from the country and their free movement and residence in countries outside the European Union and Schengen area, issuing driver's licenses, security new or the use of existing tax registers, and thus the establishment of companies and businesses of all kinds. For the issuance of each document, the interested person paid a monetary amount of at least 30.000 euros. More than 600.000 euros have been confiscated so far, according to the Greek Ministry of Civil Protection.

The Minister of Civil Protection of Greece, Takis Theodoricakos, was also informed in detail about the specific case, who requested full clarification of the case in order for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

Source: MIA

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