The police with official information about the fight between the two directors in Kavadarci

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

From SVR Veles with official information after the published event and the video in the media about a fight between two principals of elementary schools in Kavadarci.

"Today around 01.15:54, police officers from the Kavadarci Police Station detained S.P. (39) and G.G. (XNUMX), both from Kavadarci, because they disturbed public order and peace in front of a restaurant in Kavadarci and behaved aggressively towards security personnel. After fully documenting the case, an appropriate submission will be submitted, he said Riste Samardziev, spokesman for SIA Veles.

Otherwise, the parents of the children say that they are horrified by the event.

"We, as parents, are appalled by this kind of behavior in a disco where our children go out, and we demand that responsibility be taken and that they submit their moral resignations." The mayor and the city should take measures for this inappropriate behavior by the principals of elementary schools", said the parents through the local Facebook group "Realno Kavadarci", where a video of the fight was published.

The mayor of Kavadarci, Mitko Janchev, told "Focus" that according to the information received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the event, he will take steps on Monday, that is, the directors of the schools will be dismissed from their positions.

Two principals of elementary schools fought in a night club in Kavadarci, attacked the security

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