Simplify your habits

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you forgot your wallet, left it in a car or invented to take it and went shopping?
We are human, such moments happen. But that does not mean you have to worry about finding ways to simplify those situations. In addition to being able to "ask for help from a friend", you can also be the one to help in a situation where someone is in a situation where they need money.

Many banks have options and services through which you can make a transaction that will allow you to quickly access cash without using a card. Such a service it is SMART CASH, from Halkbank AD Skopje. This service allows all individuals with active transaction account and debit card to withdraw cash from all ATMs of the bank, without the card. By selecting the field SMART CASH via electronic banking or mobile application you generate the 10-digit code to be used at Halkbank ATM for a period of 12 hours.

The service is easy because it can be used through electronic banking and mobile application. You can use your money in a flexible way, and the most convenient thing is that you can help your loved ones or third parties when they do not carry a wallet with them or simply do not have cash at the moment. That is why the bank is here to provide access and simple service.

Apart from this service, there is another way you can transfer funds, with just one click! And not only that - you can transfer funds through a contact from your telephone directory which has an active account in Halkbank AD Skopje, provided that the service is activated - Smart Send.

This service is intended for persons who have an active transaction account and are users of electronic and mobile banking.

1. By selecting the SmartSend field through the electronic banking or mobile application, you activate the service by confirming your transaction account and mobile number.

2. To make a transaction through the SmartSend service, you need to enter the amount you want to transfer and select a contact from the phonebook and confirm the transaction.

* The contact from your directory needs to have an active account in Halkbank and activated SmartSend service with the mobile number that is connected to the electronic banking in order for the transaction for payment and receipt of funds to be successful.


If you have not already created an e-banking profile, do so now and simplify your payment and transfer habits. Just for you, Halkbank AD Skopje has a mobile application available that is available to customers free of charge. Given the ubiquity of mobile devices (phones, tablets) in everyday life, this application allows you to view your accounts at any time and place and perform transactions in a fast and simple way.

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