Podolyak: Russia changed military tactics to force Ukraine to agree to territorial concessions

Mihailo Podoljak / Photo: EPA

Mihail Podoljak, the adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said today that Russia changed its military tactics to force his country to agree to territorial concessions, reported Ukrinform.

- Russia has changed its tactics. Now it attacks our cities with more powerful cruise missiles. Why? Because from a military point of view, as we have seen, the Russians do not know how to fight very well, said Podoljak.

Zelenskiy's adviser pointed out that Russia has switched to military tactics, with which it wants to cause mass panic in Ukraine, scare people and force them to put pressure on our government to agree to some concessions for Russia.

According to him, Russia also invests in its pro-Russian lobby on the political scene in other countries to get support from it.

- A new article by Mr. Kissinger was published today, in which he again says that certain territorial concessions must be made, and only then will the possibility of stopping the war appear, added Podoljak

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