Under the motto "Freedom lives here" the jubilee 25th edition of the Monodrama Festival will be held in Bitola

Photo: Vaska M. Mladenovska/Sloboden Pechat

With the musical spectacle "The Actors Sing", the 25th edition of the International Monodrama Festival, which will traditionally be held in Bitola from May 25 to 31, organized by the Culture Center, will be officially opened.

The monodrama festival is celebrated exclusively by the actor, the director of the Bitola Culture Center, Maja Andonovska-Ilijevski, said at today's press conference.

The motto of this year's jubilee edition of the festival is "Freedom lives here".

- An interesting fact for the audience is that if after the corona and the closed borders, there was a hyper production of monodramas, we also made a Macedonian festival and had countless plays that wanted to be part of the festival, this year the festival stopped at its usual pace, which means that they are working on a smaller scale number of monodramas, but what the audience will have the opportunity to watch this year is really of exceptional quality. This is a Festival that showed and proved that monodrama as a theatrical form is very important for the actor. And the motto of the Festival "Freedom lives here" is a direct association that not only actors but also artists are in a constant race and search for freedom and they find it exactly where they create, on the stages - said the director of the Culture Center Maja Andonovska - Ilijewski.

This year, the audience will have the opportunity to watch two monodramas from Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates.

- This year we have an exceptional production of monodramas that I am convinced will satisfy the taste of the theater audience. From the Macedonian plays, the audience will have the opportunity to watch Zdravko Stojmirov's monodrama produced by the Bitola National Theater "Fetishist" and the production play "Oho" with actor Igor Angelov directed by Dejan Projkovski. This year, we had performances that, unfortunately, for justified reasons, were not able to perform, such as the theater from Tunisia, who had a problem with the visa and had an outstanding performance, and a German actor who had a phenomenal monodrama, but got a major role in a film production, and we are sorry he apologizes that he will not be able to attend due to overlapping dates - said at today's press conference, the selector of the Festival of Monodrama, actor Petar Mircevski.

Ljupka Kolarova-Pajević, who has been a professional collaborator in the organization of the Monodrama Festival for 25 years, says that the festival has had its ups and downs over the years.

- In 1999, we started the festival in the then House of Culture in Bitola. In the past 25 years, the Festival has experienced both ups and downs, but still the audience is eager, filling the theater halls during the Festival. Last year, what we promised the audience, this year we will achieve it. We wanted to introduce the monodrama as a genre, we wanted to enrich the literature and culture in Macedonia with Macedonian texts. Thanks to the director Maja Andonovska-Ilijevski, we re-announced the competition with the funds we received from the Ministry of Culture, and I hope that the audience and literary circles will be satisfied, and finally the actors and playwrights who will always be able to draw from that creation - Kolarova - Pajevic.

The jury of the International Monodrama Festival will consist of: director Zoja Buzalkovska, actress Biljana Dragicevic-Projkovska and Nina Mazur, who has been part of the Festival for 25 years.

The festival will also have an off program which will be organized in several locations in Bitola. After the official opening of the Festival, the promotion of a book of monodramas will be organized, in which the award-winning monodramatic texts of the Contest that was announced last year by the Culture Center will be printed. The monograph "25 years of Monodrama Festival" will also be published. On Shirok Sokak near the Officers' Home in Bitola, a performer will perform in the section intended for the youngest. In the off program, "Statue Fest" will perform and at four locations on Shirok Sokak, Bitol residents will have the opportunity to see what live statues look like.

The monodrama festival received financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Bitola.

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