Ramadan Lent begins

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Believers of the Islamic faith began the Ramadan fast early this morning, which lasts 30 days and ends on April 20. During the fast, believers refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.

According to the Islamic religion, fasting, which is one of the pillars of Islam, is obligatory for all believers for their physical and spiritual purification. Believers must refrain from bad words and deeds for the purpose of general human purification. Fasting is a religious obligation for every adult, healthy Muslim believer, but it is not obligatory for the sick, pregnant women and workers who perform heavy manual work.

After the Ramadan fast, April 21 is Ramadan Eid, which is celebrated for three days. Then the whole family gathers for a festive table, and relatives and friends are visited. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar.

The first day of Ramadan Bajram is a national holiday.

On the eve of the Ramadan fast, the head of the Islamic Religious Community, reisul-ulema H. Hfz. Shaqir Efendi Fetai emphasized that the most necessary message for the time we live in, which Ramadan conveys to our society, is the message of peace, kindness and humanity. This message, he points out in the greeting, is reflected through solidarity and charity towards people in need, because by not eating or drinking, we best understand what it means to be hated and to be poor.

-Through this message, bridges are created between the rich and the poor, and it awakens love and compassion in people's hearts. The message of rapprochement is also a message conveyed to us in this blessed month. The dynamics of modern times, as well as different human needs, have caused people to move away from each other, even the closest family members. Through family iftars and sufiris, Ramadan restores family unity, vertically and horizontally.

Another very important message that this blessed month conveys to us is the raising of morale in society because Ramadan improves the behavior of the one who fasts by removing him from bad deeds, because fasting is not a diet, or simply abstaining from food, drink and passion, although these elements constitute the legal aspect of the validity of fasting, but the essential purpose of fasting is to raise man's morality and piety, he says.

Fetai emphasizes that Ramadan conveys the message of learning, schooling and education in society, because the magnificent Qur'an was revealed in this month. In this aspect, Ramadan can rightfully be considered the month of science, education, the book, the pencil, letters and writing. The correct and essential understanding of this character of Ramadan, according to Fetai, brings benefits not only for us, but also for all humanity, because scientific achievements are not the monopoly of certain nations, but are general values ​​that benefit all people.

- Allow me, in the end, on behalf of the Islamic religious community of the Republic of North Macedonia, its organs and educational and educational institutions, as well as on my own behalf, to you and our compatriots who live and act in Western countries, I wish you an easy fast. May peace prevail everywhere in the world, love for each other, for our families, for our friends, for our neighbors, but also respect and tolerance for our fellow citizens, regardless of ethnicity and religion, Reisul-Ulema Fetai says in the congratulation.

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