Filming of the film about Jay Ramadanovski has begun: Tucakovic's husband will be part of the project after the two tragedies

Jay Ramadanovski
Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The biography "Sunday" which will describe the life of the deceased Jay Ramadanovski started filming two weeks ago, and now new details have surfaced about this project, which the production is keeping in the utmost secrecy.

As he learns Serbian Courier will also be part of the team Aleksandar Futa Radulovic who with this project returns to the big door after the two big tragedies that happened to him in the past period.

After the loss of Marina Tucakovic and their son a few months ago, he says he was hired because of the copyright of the lyrics his wife wrote about the late Jay.

"Everything related to rights has been regulated for a long time. Even I got involved in the music for some parts of this film. Little by little I am coming back and Marina would like that and she would be very glad" - said Futa.

Jay Ramadanovski died at the age of 56 due to heart problems. Although he was born in Belgrade, Jay was of Macedonian origin, that is, his parents were Roma from Resen. For the news that saddened the entire Balkans, many commented that he died on the very day he sang his famous song and big hit "Sunday".

"It's Sunday, and you're all here, and I'm not with you," the song's lyrics read.

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He will live in our hearts forever: Tose, we love you!

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