Filming of director Kosara Mitic's debut feature film "17" has begun

Film set on the shooting in Skopje

After several months of thorough preparations, the shooting of the feature film with the working title "17", the debut feature of the young director Kosara Mitic, has begun, produced by "Crna Kata Production".

Genre "17" is defined as a "coming-of-age" film. It is inspired by a real event and deals with a theme dedicated to young people in their critical teenage years, when they are most vulnerable and under constant pressure to fit in and when the decisions made can leave a deep mark on their lives.

"Black Cat Production" realizes the film project "17" in co-production cooperation with "Art and Popcorn" from Serbia and "December" from Slovenia, with the support of the Film Agency of Macedonia, the Film Center of Serbia and the Slovenian Film Fund.

The film crew, which is engaged in the project, is composed of professionals from the three co-producing countries. The filming of the film takes place on locations in Skopje and Bitola. The director is Kosara Mitic, the screenwriters are Kosara Mitic and Ognjen Svilicic, the producers of the film are Tomi Salkovski and Kristijan Burovski, and the co-producers are Miroslav Mogorovic, Vlado Bulajic and Lija Pogacnik.

Film set on the shooting in Skopje

The cinematographer is Naum Doksevski, the scenographers are Dejan Gjorsevski and Aleksandra Chevreska, the costume designer is Jaklina Krstevska, the make-up and hair are by Karla Lazic (Serbia), the sound recordist is Aljaz Lukan (Slovenia) and the editor is Dejan Smileski.

The roles are played by Eva Kostic, Martina Danilovska, Eva Stojchevska, Petar Manic, Irena Dimeska, Luna Bejkov, Hristijan Risteski, Alina Hristovska, Dame Joveski, Jovan Todorov, Mina Jelusic, Todor Stojkovski, Ivo Jezdic, Ana Stojanovska, Jaklina Stevkovska, Sashko Kotsev and Oliver Mitkowski.

Director Kosara Mitic was born in 1987 in Skopje. She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, department of film and TV directing, in 2013, in the class of prof. Stole Popov. So far, she has directed several short films, including "Red Room" (2016), "Birthday" (2015) and "Namini Bar Once" (2013), which were screened at more than 20 festivals around the world.

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