The sale of the property of Studio Moderna has started, a tenant of the servers is wanted

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Some of the approximately 50 employees who were fired from Studio Moderna in June, and yet their notice period expired in August, warn that they are the biggest losers from the bankruptcy of Sandi Cesko. They were left without salary for July and August, vacation pay and severance pay.

In the meantime, the company's bankruptcy administrator, Špela Turk, announced the first auction for the property of the failed company, namely for the sale of server software and hardware. Owner Cesko said he was trying to take care of the employees and that most will be offered jobs at Valnadin, which is taking over the retail business in Slovenia, N1 Slovenia reports.

At that moment, the company owed them salaries for July, August, vacation pay and severance pay. These workers, unlike other employees, do not have the right to compensation from the Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Slovenia after the initiation of bankruptcy, because their contract was terminated for business reasons. Otherwise, there will be priority creditors, but from the Czech Republic's answer to H1, it can be concluded that the bankruptcy estate will be small.

"The property also includes tables, chairs, computers, cars," he enumerated. This is now confirmed by the workers, who stated that Mateja Dolanc, a relative of the Czech wife Livia Dolanc and the director of the Valnadin company, confirmed to them in writing on July 3 that "the Slovenian company has no material assets, except for office equipment, goods in stores and two old passenger vehicles".

Among the creditors are suppliers, customers, the state. In addition to employees, the list of creditors is expected to include suppliers, because the company from Zagorje could no longer fulfill its obligations due to a lack of working capital in the last year, as well as state institutions.

However, the company had branches and an online store open until the bankruptcy, so many customers were also left in the dark. The Consumers' Association of Slovenia advises them to file for bankruptcy as soon as possible. While creditors still have two months to file their claims, Studio Moderna's bankruptcy trustee has announced the call for the first auction.

Server hardware and software tenant wanted. In addition to the rent, he will have to cover 80.000 euros in monthly maintenance costs, as well as 300.000 euros in installments for licenses next year.

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