Serbian rocker Tony Montano died: He was found dead in an armchair in his apartment

Tony Montano / Photo; Printscreen / YouTube

The Serbian musician Velibor Miljkovic, known as Tony Montano died at the age of 62, confirmed "".

"The dispatched police patrol found Snezhana Miljkovic, cousin of the deceased, on the spot, who stated that he did not answer the phone and did not open the door of the apartment, so they had to call a locksmith to open it for them, after which they found his dead body on the armchair. The emergency team arrived immediately and pronounced him dead. An inspection was carried out, and the apartment was sealed. There are no signs of a violent death," the press release states.

Born as Velibor Miljkovic in Belgrade in 1962, he started his career as a singer in the punk-rock group Radost Europa, founded in 1979. A large number of musicians passed through the band, including Dimet Todorov, who later became a member of "Partibrekeri". They mostly performed in the Belgrade Student Cultural Center, performing songs from the legendary Ramones, as well as their own. The band broke up in 1985, and part of the material was on the debut album of Miljkovic, who started a solo career after the breakup of the band. He is the winner of three awards at the MESAM festival.

He chose the stage name Tony Montano after the main character from the cult film "Scarface" with Al Pacino. He released his first album under the name "Tony Montano" in 1986, and it was produced by Borut Cinch from the band "Bulldozer". The next album "Taličniot Tom e mrtov" was released a year later, and in 1988 the live album "We are from Belgrade" was also released.

His last studio album "Happy Birthday" was released in 1999, while the last official single saw the light of day in 2012.

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