Serbian singer Merima Njegomir has died

murmurs njegomir
Mermira Njegomir / Photo: Facebook

After a short illness, the popular singer Merima Njegomir died at the age of 68. Serbian media report.

Merima Njegomir is the winner of many awards, among which perhaps the most important is the Vuk Award for contribution to Serbian culture, as well as the RTS Golden Microphone Award, the Charter of the Association of Jazz, Pop and Rock Musicians, the Radio Belgrade Special Award for Contribution to Preservation of traditional folk music, the Empress Theodora Award in 2002 and others.

In 2019, the Association of Pop Music Artists of Serbia awarded her the Lifetime Achievement Award. From 1979 until today, she has participated in over forty-five music festivals and won more than twenty first prizes.

Her biggest hits are "Ivanova korita", "Ruzmarin", "Zbog tebe", "What's beautiful when someone loves them", "Opilo nas vino", "Zelene su oci tvoje", "Bol bolujem" and many others.

As the editor of RTS's national newsroom, she has been dedicated to projects related to recording, preserving and promoting traditional Serbian music.

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