The professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Kiril Dorevski, died

Photo: Faculty of Pharmacy

He died Dr. Kiril Dorevski, full professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy at UKIM, the faculty announced.

"It is with deep sadness that we share the news that our dear and respected professor Kiril Dorevski passed away on July 03.7.2022, XNUMX," it says on the faculty's Facebook page.

Prof. Dr. Kiril Dorevski was born in 1934 in Resen. He graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade in 1959. He completed specialization in the field of medical biochemistry in Belgrade in 1967. As a pharmacist, he worked as a manager of the 5 Noemvri pharmacy in Resen and as a biochemist specialist in the Dr. Trifun Panovski hospital in Bitola. In 1977, he defended his doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade.

In 1970, he got a job at the Alkaloid factory in Skopje and during this period he completed a specialization in the field of pharmaceutical technology. Until the end of 1977, he held the position of assistant general director for commerce, finance and development, after which he was elected director of the "Alkaloid" work unit in Warsaw, Poland.

In the period from 1986-1992, he worked as federal secretary for chemistry, rubber and non-metals at the Chamber of Commerce of SFRY in Belgrade. He was a member of the Federal and Republic Commission for registration of drugs.

Since August 1992, he has been working at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Skopje. As a full-time professor, in addition to professional work, scientific activity also participates in the education of postgraduates, trainees and doctoral students at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Skopje.

He was the president of the Pharmaceutical Society of SFRY, the Pharmaceutical Society of Macedonia, chief and responsible editor of the Bulletin of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Technicians, and for a longer period, president of Acta Pharmaceutica Yugoslavica. In addition to many awards and plaques, he has also received the Golden Order of Labor for special contribution to pharmacy at the Yugoslav level.

In the period from 1992-1993 he was the vice-dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje, and from 1994 to 1998 he was the dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. During the two mandates, it provides better material and technical conditions for work, primarily the construction of the Faculty building in cooperation with Replek-Macedonia. He directly advocated in the academic year 1992/93 to introduce a new five-year study program for pharmacy students.

He was the initiator of the separation from the Faculty of Medicine and the independence of the Faculty in 1994.

He will be remembered in history as the first dean of the Faculty after the separation from the Faculty of Medicine in 1994, who with his many years of teaching-educational, professional-applicative and scientific work, left a strong stamp on the development of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University "St. Cyril and Methodius" " in Skopje and the entire pharmaceutical activity in our country. GLORY TO HIM! - is stated in the post on the Facebook page of the Faculty of Pharmacy at UKIM.

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