The writer and screenwriter Dushko Rodev died

Dushko Rodev/Photo: Social networks

On June 30, 2022, in Skopje, after a short illness, at the age of 91, the writer Dushko Rodev - novelist, storyteller, playwright and screenwriter - died.

Dusko Rodev was born on April 17, 1932, Skopje. He was a philologist-novelist by education, he worked as a journalist, freelance reporter, correspondent, but also as an editor in a publishing house. He was a storyteller of human destinies, of stories filled with irony and absurdity. He was awarded at anonymous short story competitions and with the prize of the daily newspaper Utrinski Vesnik "Novel of the Year". Rodev is an author who was silenced, even banned, during the time of socialism. In the last ten years, he attracted the attention of readers with his two last novels - "The Man Who Loved Pomegranates (Novel of the Year Award)", which had three editions, and "Waiting for the Nobel Prize", which were translated into several languages ​​(Serbian, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian...)

This author represents an indispensable figure of the Macedonian literature of the XNUMXth and XNUMXst centuries - an author whose work at this moment is already a serious challenge for new readings and evaluations and his rightful place in Macedonian literature has yet to be determined.

Rodev is the author of the books: "Homeless" (novel, 1963), "Returning to the Red Earth" (novel, 1969), "Partridges in the Stone Landscape" (novel, 1974), "Green Color After the Rain" (stories, 1977) , "On the snow, with Olya" (stories, 1981), "Talks with Dojranski" (novel, 1983 - in Serbian, 1985 - in Macedonian language), "The bright future begins tomorrow, the day after tomorrow at the latest" (novel, 1988), " Hello Seventh Force' and 'The First Echelon' (plays, 1991), 'Blackbirds, Winter' (stories, 1998), 'The Wild Rose' (novel, 2005) and 'The Man Who Loved Pomegranates' (novel, 2010) and Waiting for the Nobel Prize (novel, 2014).

The TV movie "Game for Shooting" (1992) was filmed based on his script.

Even during his studies, he worked as a journalist at "Nova Makedonija", from where he moved to the Macedonian Radio-Television, where he was an editor in the Drama department. He retired from there.
Dusko Rodev was buried yesterday in Skopje.


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