Cartoonist and curator Lazo Plavevski died

Photo: Museum of Contemporary Art

After a short illness, the cartoonist, art historian, curator and art critic Lazo Plavevski died at the age of 68, the Museum of Contemporary Art announced.

Born in 1954 in Skopje, Plavevski left a significant creative legacy during his more than four decades of professional activity, and until his retirement in 2021, he worked as a curator-advisor at the Museum of the City of Skopje.

As a curator, Plavevski has organized a large number of solo and group exhibitions of contemporary Macedonian authors, was a regular contributor to the visual arts magazine "Golemoto kasle" and the author of numerous texts and reviews about contemporary Macedonian art.

He started publishing caricatures in 1970, and in 1976 he received the Grand Prix award of the World Gallery of Caricatures in Skopje. He has published the books "Nema kniga / caricatures 1990-1993" and "Cards" (together with Miroslav Grchev).

On April 16 of last year, his solo exhibition "On Thin Ice" was opened at MSU, which presented about 200 original and digital prints of caricatures, which he has been publishing on the Okno website since 2015.

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