François Gillot died at the age of 101: She was Picasso's lover and muse

Photo: JEAN-PIERRE MULLER/ AFP/ Profimedia

The famous French painter Francois Gilo died at the age of 101, reports Associated Press.

The news of the painter's death was announced by her daughter Aurelia Engel, which informed that Gilot died on June 6, in a hospital in New York, where she had lived for decades.

Although this eminent painter created a rich oeuvre of works of art, her life was marked by a turbulent love affair with a Spanish painter. Pablo Picasso.

The work "Two female friends read poems" by François Gillot / Photo: EPA/HENDRIK SCHMIDT

The couple met back in 1943, when Gilot was only 21 years old. During this period, Picasso was a recognized and successful artist, at the age of 60.

Their love was never official, but it left a big mark in the lives of both artists. During their life together, Gilot was often abused by Picasso's wife, Olga Khokhlova, and often Picasso himself physically abused her.

However, she is the only woman who decided, after 10 years of love, to leave the artist. After their separation, she wrote the book "Life with Picasso", which is a proof of the specific life of the famous painter.

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