French fashion designer Claude Montana has died: His fashion creations marked the 80s

Photo: Pierre GUILLAUD / AFP / Profimedia

The famous French fashion designer died Claude Montana at the age of 76. According to foreign media, he died today in Paris. Claude became an icon in the eighties of the last century with his fashion designs with extreme silhouettes, narrow waists and accentuated straps, writes "Fashion Network".

His career was a series of ups and downs, as the designer himself had said. It is recognized for the timeless "Easy Rider" look, a fashionable combination of jacket, leather pants and cowboy boots.

It appeared in the 70s, became a darling of the fashion world in the 80s, and became famous in 1990 when he walked through the doors of the Lanvin fashion house, which at the time was celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Twice he won the highest honor – the Haute Couture Award and that too in a very short period of time. During his life he encountered financial and personal problems and disappeared from the public at the beginning of the new millennium.

Claude Montatta was born in Paris on June 29, 1947, as Claude Montamat, and grew up in a wealthy family. His mother was a German Protestant and his father Catalan. He was a student at the Condorsa High School, but he had no intention of following in the footsteps of his hard-working older brother.

After graduation, he worked part-time at the Paris Opera before going to England. The first fashion show was in 1975.

His bright colors and extravagant clothes with emphasized shoulders were a real hit.

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