Ferus Mustafov, the king of the saxophone, has died

Photo: Facebook/Ferus Mustafov

The Macedonian clarinetist and saxophonist Ferus Mustafov died at the age of 72, after a short illness.

The sad news was confirmed by his wife Jelena Mustafova, which in statement for "Macedonian Media Service" he said that everyone was praying for his health.

"He died last night and we were told the bad news this morning. We are heartbroken, we all hoped he would get well and come back to us. But unfortunately, he left us. "A few days ago, they told us that he was a little better, so we hoped that everything would be fine," Mustafov's wife told "Macedonian Media Service".

The king of the saxophone, as many called him, will be buried in his hometown, Shtip.

"He said many times that, when the judgment day comes, he wants to be buried in Shtip. It is his last wish and we will fulfill it. I can't believe he left us. He was always strong, we thought that even now he would overcome the health problem, but that was it," she added.

The musician suffered a stroke on April 26 and has since been hospitalized in the City General Hospital "8 Septemvri" in Skopje. As his family members shared, he was fine at first, but then his condition worsened and he was put into an induced coma.

Ferus Mustafov was born on December 20, 1950, in Shtip. He comes from a Roma family of musicians and was the son of the famous Ilmi Jasharov.

His professional career began at the age of seventeen, while studying violin and clarinet at a local music academy. During this time, he was invited to go on tour with a band led by Toma Chrchev, and the success of the tour made him abandon his academic studies to become a working musician.

After a year of military service, during which he established his reputation playing at evening dances, he moved to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he took a leading role in the explosion of folk music popularity that occurred there at the time. He later became director of Romani language music programming for Radio Television Skopje and gained an international audience through the album releases of world music labels such as Globus Steel and Tropski.

He performed in a number of countries around the world and recorded a dozen albums, mainly with instrumental compositions.

Ferus Mustafov's grandson: My grandfather is not dead, but he is fighting for his life in the hospital

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