The architect Mimoza Nestorova Tomic, the author of the "Beko" department store and the Museum of Macedonia, has died.

Photo: MIA

After a short illness, Mimoza Nestorova Tomic, architect, urban planner, also dedicated to the sociology of urbanism, died on May 22. Born in Struga in 1928, she completed her architectural education at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade. After graduation, she got a job at the Institute of Folk Architecture at the Technical Faculty in Skopje, and in 1954 was chosen as an assistant at the Faculty of Architecture. In 1965 got a job in the City Office for Urbanism as an independent designer and manager, where from 1986 until his retirement in 1989. she was a director.

In her rich and award-winning career, Nestorova-Tomic stands out as part of the team of the City Office for Urbanism and Architecture, where she worked on the Detailed Urban Plan for Skopje's Old Bazaar, on the reconstruction of Suli an, on the revitalization of the Old Bazaar and rehabilitation of Two baths, "Menada", the Craft Shop Complex, she is the author of the project for the department store "Beko", the Museum of Macedonia (with Kiril Muratovski), residential buildings, she worked on the reconstruction of the interior of the Universal Hall and was one of the urban planners who worked in the team for the development of the General Urban Plan of Skopje with Paul Servis and in the team of Kenzo Tange, after the award-winning project from the UN, by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, for the recovery of Skopje after the earthquake.

For his contribution to Macedonian architecture, in 1973 was awarded with the "November 13" prize awarded for the construction of the Museums of Macedonia, and in 2011 she received the "Andreja Damjanov" lifetime achievement award from the Association of Architects of Macedonia. It is the winner of the OPERA OMNIA award from Share Architect 2019.

Her advice to younger colleagues was: Work with love, educate yourself constantly, by expanding knowledge you get closer to wisdom.

Mimosa Nestorova Tomic will be buried today at the Butel city cemetery in Skopje.

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