The winner was the young mother Philimena, who was kicked out of her job while on maternity leave and asked for her money back

Photo: Radio Free Europe (RFE)

The young mother Filmena Boskovska Mishevska, who was fired in the midst of maternity leave and a request to return the maternity money to the state, won the dispute with the help of the Glasen textilec association.

"After the inspection of the documents submitted by the State Labor Inspectorate, the Employment Agency was instructed to make a correction in the M1/M2 form and to change the grounds for dismissal. That is, with the expiration of a certain period of time, the Health Insurance Fund was also notified of the irregularities in the application by the employer, for which Filemena should extend her maternity leave and not return a penny to the Health Fund as was ordered in the decision of the Health Insurance Fund. ", said the association.

Boskovska worked almost until the end of her pregnancy, and her boss from the company "LDI Dimotrans Makedonija-Dooel Skopje" was informed that she would go on maternity leave. The woman submitted documents to the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) for the payment of the nine-month salary allowance while on maternity leave. She first faced a longer delay in payment for two months, so that after the money finally landed in her account, she received a request from FZO to return it back for the last month, because she was dismissed.

"I got confused. It was a shock because I know that legally there can be no dismissal. And I called there, they - that's it, you can't do anything. Everywhere (they told me) you can't do anything and I started sending emails... It's a maze. Someone tells you that the Law on Labor Relations is violated, go to Labor (inspection). Trudova - that's our credentials and you're stuck. You get advice - pay lawyers and go to court and you will get it. And the point of proving a right that is fundamental is illogical," Boskovska said when the case became public.

Glasen textilec says that they hope that the other institutions, such as AVERM and FZO, will be cautious and protect workers from certain employers.

"At the same time, the case of Filimena is one of the many where the need for the protection of pregnant women and women on maternity leave by the State is indicated," said the association.

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