After a heated debate in Parliament, Johnson refused to resign

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson / Photo by EPA-EFE / UK Parliament / Jessica Taylor

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson rejected calls from the opposition to resign due to the presence of parties during the closing ceremony, but accepted that the rule applies to him that ministers should lose their jobs if they knowingly mislead parliament, writes Reuters.

Johnson, who won the largest Conservative majority in more than 2019 years in 30, is ready for a decision to be made by police and senior civil servant Sue Gray in connection with an investigation into several Downing Street parties during the lock in England. He told parliament he had not broken any rules.

It was not immediately clear when the results of Gray's investigation would be released, especially after police reported that they too are involved in the investigation.

The opposition is looking for answers

Asked by the leader of the opposition Labor Party Kir Starmer Does the Ministerial Code, which says ministers who knowingly mislead parliament should resign, apply to him, Johnson said: "Of course."

"If he misleads parliament, he must resign," Starmer told parliament. "Will you resign now?

"No," Johnson replied.

He said he could not comment on the allegations. Johnson said his government was focused on boosting economic growth and the Ukraine crisis.

Johnson's excuses

Johnson gave various explanations for the parties: first he said that no rules were violated, but then he apologized to the British people for the obvious hypocrisy at such gatherings.

He denied allegations that he had been warned of the Lockdown rally, which sent party members a "bring your own alcohol" message on May 20, 2020, and said he thought it was just a business event.

ITV reported Monday that Johnson and his now-wife Kerry attended a party of up to 30 people for his birthday in his Downing Street office in June 2020, when indoor gatherings were banned.

The wife's birthday party could be a "knockout" for Johnson

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