After threats from the boxer, Aguero stood up for Messi

Photo: EPA-EFE / Alejandro Garcia

Lionel Messi played a great game against Mexico and led his team to an important victory after losing to Saudi Arabia in the first round.

Messi opened the score against Mexico with a masterful shot from outside the penalty area, and made the final 2:0 Enzo Fernandez. However, after the triumph, Messi found himself in the center of attention due to a situation in the dressing room.

The situation in which Messi kicks Meisco's shirt He angered the Mexicans, and the boxer announced himself to the public Canelo Alvarez who threatened the Argentine telling him that it was better for him not to see him anywhere.

After Canelo's threat, his former teammate and longtime friend came to Messi's defense Sergio Aguero.

“Mr Canelo. Don't ask for apologies or problems, you sure don't know anything about football and what happens in the dressing rooms after the matches. After every game, the jerseys are on the floor because of sweat. "If you look closely, you will see that Messi makes a move to take off his shoe and accidentally touches the shirt," said Aguero.

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