After the third round of judging, five finalists were chosen for the award for the best translation "Dargi"

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The Anthology Literary Center reported that at the penultimate meeting of the committee for awarding the "Dargi" award, it was decided that five translators with editions published by three publishing houses and translations made from five different languages ​​would enter the third and final round of selection.

Among the five finalists are Anastasia Gyurchinova for the Italian translation of "Five short novels and a few short stories" by Natalia Ginzburg published by "Artkonect", Zlatko Panzov for the Hungarian translation of "Captivity" by Gyorgy Spiro published by "Artkonect" , Ivan Shopov for the Croatian translation of "On the Edge of Mind" by Miroslav Krleža published by "Behemoth", Ljubica Arsovska for the English translation of "Elizabeth Finch" by Julian Barnes published by "Artconnect" and Nikola Gjelinčeski for the translation from Spanish of "Pre-Poems to Post-Hispanic and Other Poems" by Horhenrike Adum published by Aleph Publications.

Anastasia Gjurchinova (1963) is an essayist, translator and university professor. She works as a professor of Italian literature at the Department of Italian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski" in Skopje. Her fields of interest are: Italian studies, comparative studies, Macedonian studies, translation studies and transcultural studies. She published several monographs, edited several anthologies and compiled two anthologies. Translates from Italian to Macedonian language. She received the "Golden Feather" award twice for her translation work. She is the recipient of two orders from the President of the Republic of Italy.

Zlatko Panzov (1979) graduated from the Department of Macedonian Literature and South Slavic Literatures with Macedonian Language at the Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski" in Skopje. He received his master's degree from the Institute of Macedonian Literature, Skopje. He is a PhD student at the Doctoral School of Literature at ELTE University in Budapest, Hungary. He works as a Macedonian language lecturer at the Institute of Slavic Studies and Baltic Philology, "ELTE" University. Since 2005, he has been actively engaged in literary translation. So far, independently or together with Annamaria Cinege-Panzova, he has published over thirty translations from the Hungarian language. Since 2019, he has been organizing the "Days of Macedonian Culture in Budapest" event. He lives in Hungary.

Ivan Shopov (1987) is a Macedonian writer and translator. He graduated from the Department of General and Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski" in Skopje. He is the author of books of short stories, poems in prose, satirical texts. He also writes poetry and haiku. His short stories and poems have been translated into English, Romanian, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, German, Slovenian and Bulgarian. Together with Vladimir Lukash, in 2019 he founded the mobile cultural center "KC 750". He worked as an editor in a publishing house. Translates from Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian and English.

Ljubica Arsovska (1950) is a literary translator. He is the chief editor of the magazine "Cultural Life". Translates from English to Macedonian and vice versa. So far, she has translated from English Julian Burns, Toni Morrison, Susan Sontag, Arundhati Roy, Ian McEwan, Harold Pinter, Tennessee Williams and others, and from Macedonian to English Lidija Dimkovska, Liliana Dirjan, Risto Lazarov, Tomislav Osmanli. She is one of the founders of the Association of Translators of the Republic of Macedonia (ZPRM).

Nikola Gjelinceski (1988) is a translator from English and Spanish into Macedonian and vice versa. He was awarded at the competition for the best young translator "Babilon" organized by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Macedonia (ZPRM) and the Delegation of the European Union. He is an active member of ZPRM. He edited numerous editions and performed proofreading and language editing of a large number of works. In addition to published literary translations, his translations of domestic and foreign authors are represented in several printed and digital literary magazines and platforms.

39 translators with books published by 17 publishers and two private editions were initially nominated for the "Dargi" award. 19 translators from 9 publishing houses and one private edition entered the first round. 10 translators and 7 publishing houses entered the second round.

The commission is made up of Jana Mihajlovska (librarian and president of the Library Association of Macedonia; representative of Dragi Mihajlovski's family), Lidija Kapushevska-Drakulevska (professor of the Department of General and Comparative Literature and literary critic and theorist) and Milan Damjanovski (professor of the Department for English Language and Literature and Translator).

- We can say with great pleasure that the initiative for this award, which until now was not recognized either by state or local institutions, and even less by the private sector, received its first public recognition by the new dean's administration of the "Blaze Koneski" Faculty of Philology " in Skopje. The faculty becomes a partner of "Anthologist" in organizing the award. For the organizer, this represents extremely important cooperation. First, because Dear Mihajlovski spent his entire working life at this faculty, and secondly, because the role of the Faculty in the creation of literary translators cannot be compared with the role of any other institution in our country - Antolog announced.

Both sides decided that the announcement and awarding of the "Dargi" award will take place on October 2, at 14 p.m., precisely at the "Blaze Koneski" Faculty of Philology, with an appropriate ceremony in honor of the winner and the nominees.

On the same occasion, the international award "Dargi" for the most significant translation of a Macedonian author into a foreign language will be awarded to the translator Alexandra Ioanidou for the translation of the book "My Husband" by Rumena Bužarovska into Greek, published by "Gutenberg". For this occasion, the personal presence of the translator during the BookStar Festival in Skopje has been announced.

It is about the first translation by a Macedonian author into Greek, in which it is stated that the language of the original text is Macedonian. For a long time, the book figured as one of the most read in Greece, where the author also had numerous interviews - for "Kathimerini", "To Vima", "Ephimerida ton syndakton", for "Laifo", etc.

At the Book Fair in Thessaloniki in May of this year, Bužarovska's reading was one of the most attended events and it was the first time Macedonian language was spoken at an official public event. After the success of "My husband", the translation of "I'm not going anywhere" was also released, and "Osmica" is in preparation, all translated by Alexandra Ioannidou. "My Husband" will also experience its own theatrical performance at the Theseum Theater in Athens by the director Maria Maganari.

The prize for the best translation into the Macedonian language "Dragi" was established in 2022, and the first honorary award was given to Dragi Mihajlovski (1951-2022), a Macedonian writer, translator, essayist and university professor.

Apart from his prose works, Mihajlovski left a lasting mark on Macedonian culture with the translations of works by Shakespeare, Milton, Shelley, Keats, Blake, Eliot, Milton, etc. He also published several studies and essays in the field of translation theory, and with his views on translation, he influenced the students of the Faculty of Philology "Blaje Koneski" in Skopje, where he was a professor.

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