After Ruskovska's suspension: The Republic Public Prosecutor's Office and the GOKK PJSC are functioning smoothly

Vilma Ruskovska / Photo:

The Republic Public Prosecutor's Office и Basic Public Prosecutor's Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption function smoothly and continue to act actively regardless of the initiated disciplinary and other procedures against individuals, informs the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of North Macedonia (JORSM).

About which prosecutor will take over the cases during the suspension of the prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska, from JORSM told MIA that it will be according to the annual schedule.

"With the Decision on removal from office for one public prosecutor, the said public prosecutor is responsible for handing over all cases and items with which he is responsible to the public prosecutor, who should change the annual schedule. All cases will be temporarily assigned to another competent public prosecutor and after them the procedure will continue with undiminished intensity", says the answer from JORSM.

According to the annual schedule, Vilma Ruskovska is replaced Ivana Trajcevska, and currently all urgent and basic tasks for the functioning of the prosecution are carried out by the prosecutor Lile Stefanova.

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