After the death of a Greek woman from botulism: The owner of the store will be tried for "manslaughter"

Charges such as "murder" and "selling spoiled or toxic food" will bring the owner of the Chin Chin wine bar in Bordeaux, France, where a Greek woman died last September after eating canned sardines contaminated with botulinum toxin. and fifteen other people fell ill.

As reported by the website "20 Minutes", the prosecutor's office in Bordeaux immediately opened an investigation into the main charges of "negligent homicide, negligent injuries due to willful disregard of the duty of care imposed by law or regulation, endangering the lives of others, failure to helping a person in danger and selling spoiled or toxic food" and others.

The expert evaluations and technical tests carried out "as well as the multiple and precise investigations carried out in the Bordeaux region" made it possible to "highlight the various violations of hygiene rules by the responsible person, especially in relation to the production of canned products sold to customers" , said the prosecutor's office in Bordeaux.

The "charges against the store manager" led to his detention last Tuesday, with sentences ranging from two to five years in prison and a fine of 45.000 to 600.000 euros, reports To Vima.

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