After five days, only the backpacks of the three young men who disappeared in the cold waters of the Danube have been found

The three missing people often shared photos of outings on the river and boat rides / photo: Instagram

Two backpacks, personal documents and a life jacket have been found in the search for the three young men, aged 36, 37 and 38, who went missing in the Danube River in Belgrade on Saturday after their boat capsized.

As "Blitz" reports, dozens of ships, boats and divers are still searching for the bodies of the three drowned people, as well as kayakers who are searching the river bank near Pancevo.

With the missing Milos Markovic, Nenad Trivkovic и Milan Nikolic, was another friend, identified as Mane K., who was the only one who managed to swim out of the cold waters of the big river, whose temperature was around seven degrees. The three are practically considered drowned, because according to doctors, at this temperature only a few minutes are enough for hypothermia to occur, and there is almost no chance that they will be found alive after five days.

Danube near Belgrade / Photo: Twitter

"Four friends were out on Saturday. In the morning, they went to a barbecue on the island of Bela Stena, and the accident happened in the evening when they were probably returning to Zemun. They boarded the boat "Three Princesses", which was owned by Milos Markovic, who was allegedly piloting the vessel. "For unknown reasons, the boat overturned and the friends ended up in the river," a police source told Serbian media, adding that the four were probably in an intoxicated state.

The three missing people often shared photos of outings on the river and boat rides / photo: Instagram

"The situation has not changed. We are looking for the three guys every day. Included in the search is all available equipment, as well as drones. About thirty people are not in the field", said a representative of the police.

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