After an advertisement on Facebook, a man from Skopje was left without money and without the "Mercedes"

Mercedes logo / Photo Live Media Publishing Group / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

On the first of July at 23.30:21 p.m., a 22.06.2022-year-old resident of Skopje reported to the police station that he was defrauded by A.C.. According to the report, on June 55.000, 24.06.2022, he advertised the Mercedes vehicle for sale on his Facebook profile for the sum of XNUMX euros. after which A.C. called him on XNUMX. and asked to meet and agree to buy the vehicle.

As reported, after several meetings they agreed to make an exchange and A.C. to pay him another 40.000 euros.

Also, according to the report, they made an exchange agreement, after which they exchanged the vehicles, but until reporting the event, A.C still did not give him the money, and after many phone conversations, he refused to return the vehicle to him.

Measures are being taken to clear the case.

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