After a series of mistakes by the referees, FFM announced the introduction of VAR in the PMFL

Photo: FFM

After a series of mistakes on the football fields, FFM announced today with an official announcement the use of the VAR system in the Macedonian First League.

The Macedonian football championship is not yet in the company of those that use modern technology, and the FFM clarifies that they are working on providing conditions for the use of VAR in Macedonia. For now, it is not specified when the referees in Macedonia will be able to count on this technology, which was used at the Arena "Todor Proeski" in the matches of the Macedonian national football team.

The Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM) is firmly determined not to allow injustice in football, regardless of the cost.

With that in mind, FFM is actively working to introduce Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology to our leagues.

We are aware of the challenges that this process brings, especially in finding a suitable production company to broadcast the matches, which was also a key problem despite our determination to have the VAR technology available already this season so that this does not happen, because this step is critical for the effective introduction and functioning of VAR technology. Our goal is to enable this technology to be available as quickly as possible, although we face complex logistical and technical requirements for its implementation, which we are working intensively to overcome.

Football is not just a game, but a symbol of sports justice and equality. At the heart of every game is the desire for fair play, where every team has an equal chance of success.

In parallel with these efforts, FFM continuously invests in the professional development of our judges. We regularly send them to trainings and seminars within the framework of UEFA in order to improve their skills and abilities for proper refereeing.

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards in our football and we believe that these steps will contribute to a fair and high-quality football outcome", reads the announcement on the official website of the Football Federation of Macedonia.

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