He banished the Russian priest Vasian Zmeev to Macedonia and Bulgaria

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After Macedonia and Bulgaria, he decided to expel the Russian priest Vasian Zmeev, the Russian agency reported "TAS",

The agency states that the Russian priest was a threat to national security.

In addition to him, two more church officials were expelled from Bulgaria. The decision of the Bulgarian authorities to expel the three church officials from the Moscow Patriarchate in Sofia was evaluated by the Russian embassy as a "sharp and shameless act".

On September 17, three Russian diplomats were declared persona non grata from North Macedonia, and one of them was Archimandrite Vasian Zmeev.

The information about the expelled diplomats was transmitted by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Embassy in Skopje. A day later it was confirmed by the Macedonian MFA.

By the way, last week the president of Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria (DSB) and co-president of the parliamentary group of the ruling Let's continue with the changes and Democratic Bulgaria, the general Atanas Atanasov, in a statement for BNT, criticizes the work of the Bulgarian security services, commenting on the move of the Macedonian MFA to declare three Russian diplomats and a Russian archimandrite undesirable.

"Isn't it a shame for the Bulgarian intelligence service that the services of small Macedonia found out that the Russian priest who lives in Sofia and serves in the Russian Church is engaged in intelligence in Macedonia, and that's why they expelled him from there. And he lives comfortably in Bulgaria without any problems", General Atanas Atanasov, who is the president of the party Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria (DSB) and co-president of the ruling parliamentary group of the ruling We continue with changes and Democratic Bulgaria (PP-DB), told BNT.

Atanasov: Is Bulgarian intelligence ashamed that little Macedonia expelled a Russian priest who lived comfortably in Bulgaria

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