After Croatia, Keanu Reeves also visited Slovenia this weekend: He was in a secret meeting in a muffler factory

Photo: Printscreen / YouTube

Keanu Reeves was in Croatia on Friday and Saturday at the Navis Hotel in Preluk near Opatija. The Hollywood actor and star of megahits such as "The Matrix" and "John Wick" was delighted with Kvarner and the accommodation, so he arrived with his friend and film producer Gard Hollinger.

He enjoyed the gastronomic offer and seafood, and as he writes "Novi sheet", the employees of the "Navis" hotel were delighted that the actor was approachable and cordial.

Keanu did not choose Preluk by chance, it took place there the motorcycling world championship, the Navis hotel is close to the runway, and Grobnik is not far either. Croatia was a stop on the way to Slovenia for the famous actor.

There, as the Slovenian media write, he was visited by the owner of the Akrapovic company, one of the world's most famous manufacturers of exhaust systems.

Keanu and his friend Hollinger founded the company "Arch Motorcycles" in America, and allegedly came to Akrapovic in Slovenia for a business meeting, where it is possible that some kind of agreement was reached.

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