After Memeti's escape, the police focused mostly on the footage from Jažince

Vladimir Pivovarov, National Coordinator for Border Management / Morning briefing
Vladimir Pivovarov, National Coordinator for Border Management / Morning briefing

Two weeks after the spectacular escape of the convicted murderer Bekim Memeti from the prison police on the road from KPU "Idrizovo" to the Urgent Center "Mother Teresa", from the Ministry of Internal Affairs no information came out either about the possible direction of his movement, or about the possible expansion of the list of possible helpers during the escape, inside and outside from prison. Meanwhile, what was revealed as an interesting detail by the national coordinator for border management and an experienced security expert Vladimir Pivovarov, is that the police, reviewing the content of the surveillance cameras at the border crossings, mostly focused on the footage from the nearest northern border crossing, Jajince.

- Of course, they immediately requested, and we made available to them all the available footage from the border crossings, immediately after the escape. These are, indeed, voluminous materials, and the colleagues from the police mainly focused on the recordings from Jažince. Whether and what they determined, they should say that from there - said Pivovarov.

When asked where the assumption that the refugee managed to reach the border and cross it came from and whether the services, perhaps, did not react in time to prevent the escape out of the country, Pivovarov is adamant that all actions were taken on time.

- We were immediately notified of the escape, in real time, to put him on the stop list and at the moment we started with intensified monitoring of the borders. All those activities are properly noted - Pivovarov is categorical.

That, together with the previous experience with the escapes of convicted and unconvicted fugitives from the law in this country, can point to the conclusion that Memeti is probably sheltered somewhere in Kosovo, which, in fact, is what all the speculations in the public so far boil down to. .

There will be a change of the director of the Administration for the Execution of Sanctions, Marjan Spasovski

The silence of the police, but also of the Prosecutor's Office, continues regarding the statements of the immediately detained commander and prison police officers from "Idrizovo".

The criminal court, a week ago, extended the detention for another 30 days of the commander and the prison officers suspected of helping the escape of the prisoner.

Bekim Memeti, who is currently wanted with an international warrant, shortly before midnight on the 12th of this month, escaped the prison officers from the van with which, outside of the established procedure, they were transporting him to the "Mother Teresa" Emergency Center. The escape took place on the highway between Idrizovo and Skopje, when Memeti took the gun from the driver employed by the prison police, shot and wounded one of the policemen, and then got into an Audi passenger vehicle that had previously blocked the way of the prison van.


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